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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected below answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, as well as some yet-to-be-asked but anticipated questions. This page will be updated as necessary as new issues arise. If you questions that don’t appear here, contact us at moms[at]safemilk.org. Thanks!

I’m already on the MOMS mailing list, why should I register for this site?

Our email list is the primary mechanism we use to contact you and share important opportunities for action, upcoming events, new science, etc.  This site is the primary mechanism by which you and other members of the MOMS community can communicate with one another. Through the Discussion forum and Groups features, you can connect to other members in your area and work together to create change in your communities. Another benefit to registering for the site is that only registered users can post content to the site, reply to blog posts, create groups, and create events.

If you aren’t already on the e-mail list, signing up allows you to stay informed of the latest urgent actions and get details for on-the-ground events, such as Stroller Brigades, Lobby Days, or other opportunities to participate in our work. The traffic on the list is minimal. We send periodic email alerts, seasonal newsletters, and event invitations.

I work for a non-profit organization that is focused on issues related to air, food, or water contamination. How can I connect to members of the MOMS community?

One of the goals of this website is to connect community members with nonprofit partners doing the critical work on these issues and explore ways we can work together to maximize the effectiveness of the campaigns. A passionate and informed group of mothers can help to persuade decision makers. Likewise, authoritative science and respected nonprofit professionals are essential to helping MOMS members understand how environmental toxins are affecting human health.  To add your organization’s profile, visit About/Partners and click on the Add a Partner button. Partner submissions will be updated as quickly as possible. We’re a small staff, however, so please allow 5 business days for your profile to appear. Bear in mind that we will only accept submissions that are relevant to the MOMS community. If for some reason we are unable to submit your profile to the directory as submitted, we will notify via email for additional information.

I’d like to add a partner/factsheet/tool, but I don’t see a way how to do that. What’s up?

To help keep spam content to a minimum on this site, we’ve limited the ability to submit content to registered users of this site. It’s an unfortunate reality that without this safeguard, we would end up with some pretty crazy content that would make building and maintaining this community quite difficult. If you’ve already registered and still cannot add a resource, you may not be logged in. Scroll to the top of your browser window to verify whether you are logged in.

I’m no longer nursing my children. Why should I join a group working on toxins in breast milk?

You really don’t need to be a current or former breast feeding mother (or even a mother) to join the MOMS community.  While we look at environmental toxins and body burden issues through the narrow lens of breast milk contamination, we do so to illustrate a broader point: If what should be the most PURE food on the planet has become contaminated with industrial chemicals, it is a clear sign that we need to act now to eliminate toxins from our environment. This is a issue that affects everyone.

If breast milk contains toxins, should I still breast feed?

ABSOLUTELY! The founders of MOMS each continued to breastfeed their children into the toddler years because they strongly believe in the benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and child. Studies have shown that babies exposed to high levels of PCBs in utero who were subsequently breastfed were less likely than formula-fed babies with similar PCB exposures to exhibit developmental harm as a result of that exposure. In other words, simply being breastfed helped to mitigate toxic exposure that happened in the womb. For this and many other reasons, we believe that continuing to breast feed is the right choice. But toxic chemicals do not belong in our bodies or in our babies. That’s why we all need to RAISE OUR VOICES and demand safer chemicals and policies that hold companies accountable for ensuring the products they sell are safe.

What are MOMSquads and how can I get involved in one?

MOMSquads are our name for locally-based MOMS groups. MOMSquads are essential the “stilettos on the ground” in their communities, helping to spread the word about MOMS work, helping to encourage local support for federal chemical policies, as well as take on polluting industries unique to their communities. Ideally, MOMSquads would have one or more local leaders who could help to organize the MOMS members around MOMS-led efforts such as stroller brigade actions, legislative education days, media events, or other activities. We also need leaders who can help spread the word online and maintain their local group page as well as local social networking channels. If you are interested in either starting a MOMSquad or helping to lead one, please contact Mary Brune, MOMS Project Director at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 510-655-3900 x 313.