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There is an “A HA!” moment for all of us. The moment when we find out about an issue and, thereafter, can’t let it go.

Maybe you saw a story on the evening news, like us. Maybe you read something in the newspaper, or maybe you became part of the story yourself. Over the past few years, we’ve collected some stories from our MOMS members about why protecting our kids from toxic chemicals is important to them.

So, what’s your story? Tell us and you could be featured in a future issue of The MOMSpot.

MOMSpot: Cynthia Li

Cynthia Li is a mom, physician, activist, who helps her patients find the road to health by looking for clues in their past experiences, toxic exposures, and lifestyle choices. more

MOMSpot: Indi Carrasco

Indi Carrasco is an amazing MOM-activist who brought her two sons on a civics lesson to Washington, DC to advocate for safer chemicals. more

MOMSpot: Kimberly Roberson

Kimberly Roberson is a certified Diet Counselor and Nutrition Educator, nuclear activist, and author of the new book Silence Deafening: Fukushima Fallout, A Mother’s Responsemore

MOMSpot: Penelope Jagessar-Chaffer

Director/Producer/Writer of the documentary film, Toxic  Baby, which chronicles her quest to understand the effects of toxic chemical exposures on our bodies, and our children’s health.  more